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Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products

Adler Energy GmbH

Adler Energy GmbH was registered on the 27th of March 2015in accordance with the legislation of the Austrian Confederation under the registration number FN 433583 y and License number: GISA-28000501, as a European energy company (X-EIC-Code: 25X-ADLERENERGYN) and a Trader at CEGH.

The company focuses on business activities in the natural gas market, with an emphasis on trade projects.

Business relations with leading companies
Furthermore, the company has established successful business relations with leading companies on the market of oil and gas.We hold an agreement on the purchase of natural gas from the Austrian company OMV.In the past,the company has established closework relationship to companies in Europe and agreed to supplygas to companies such asBavaria Gas, ISG, ThyssenKrupp, Dillinger Huette, Veolia, and the city of Halle/Leipzig in Germany. 

The company is also signed a contract with Gas Connect Austria for gas deliveries in Austria and EU while having three certified gas traders and being anactive member of the gas stock exchange.

Uninterrupted supply of petroleum products

since 2015

Convenient forms of contractual agreements

Our customers are satisfied with our cooperation

Delivery Area: European Union and Ukraine

different types of delivery


We express our confidence

The company has a registration at Net Connect Germany to be able to deliver gas to customers in the market area of NCG and is arranging to register in the market area of Gaspool as well as other gas market areas to increase the coverage and thus theability to sell gas to more customers. 
Dear ladies and gentlemen, we express our confidence that a cooperation between our companies has huge  potential  and  will  be  beneficial to  both  sides  whilenecessarily  leadingtothe  formation  of  new channels of implementation in the international gas market. 

Your Sincerely, Director, Mr. Mikhail Orlov

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