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Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products

Adler Energy GmbH

Our company performs repair of windows of any complexity, we are ready to eliminate any breakage of the window, as in standard apartments, and in case of failure of complex metal-plastic structures on a production scale.

All the conditions for the repair of windows, we pre-negotiate customers in advance and clearly adhere to their obligations and terms.

Uninterrupted supply of petroleum products

since 2015

Convenient forms of contractual agreements

Our customers are satisfied with our cooperation

Delivery Area: European Union and Ukraine

different types of delivery



There were sellers of "garage" windows. And large construction companies for the glazing of houses arranged a tender. The one who offers the lowest price, "wins" in the race.
  • Repairing windows may include the following:
  • Urgent window adjustments
  • Replace sealed rubber
  • Glass and glass replacement (energy saving, with argon)
  • Repair of double-glazed windows (stained-glass windows)
  • Installing and replacing window pens (using the button with a button)

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